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Aging Gracefully (Immersion Workshop)

What does aging gracefully mean to you?

Let’s be honest; if we are lucky enough to have the privilege of growing old, most of us don’t really look at aging as the gift that it can be. Our culture is constantly pushing anti-aging products, diets, surgeries, and all kinds of wacky and extreme ways to avoid getting older and (God forbid) looking older. Aging is seen by many as something to fight and resist, as if we can actually stop it from happening. We are inundated with images and accolades to youth and the young on a daily basis. No wonder many of us head into old age with resistance and trepidation because we are getting messages from our society that our best life is over and winding down.

How much energy are we wasting fighting what is a natural and beautiful process?

What if we stopped trying so hard to avoid aging and instead embraced and accepted the wisdom and experiences of our earlier years to design and craft our best years as we age? Can we find ways to share our wisdom and experience with others so we feel valued and seen? What if we used the breath and gravity to surrender and accept all the transitions and changes in our lives as we age to find freedom and acceptance or grace?

I think as yoga practitioners and teachers, we have a unique opportunity to rewrite the script on aging for ourselves and our students! As we move into the Vata stage of life, we can ground ourselves in the knowledge that we have the wisdom and experience to shift out of the Pitta phase of life with all its activity and doing as we raised kids and had careers, into the introspection of being and absorbing the fruits of our labors. We worked hard in our earlier years, and now we have the time and space to enjoy and savor the quiet moments and small wonderful things in life!

In this immersion, we will explore how to adapt and change yoga poses and our yoga practice as we age for a variety of reasons and how to work on our mindset as much or more than the physical shifts that can happen as we age. In other words, we CAN age gracefully!

This will be taught by Jay MacDonald.

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