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Full Moon in Virgo: Stepping into Your Divine Human Experience

Join us for an evening together under the enchanting glow of the Full Moon in Virgo.

This celestial event will explore our human experience, inviting participants to recognize the profound connection between the practical aspects of earthly existence and the transcendent realm of the divine.

What to expect:

Honoring the Axis of Heaven and Earth: Immerse yourself in an evening dedicated to the harmonious convergence of the human and divine, as well as the sacred union between Earth and water.

Community: Come together with like-minded individuals in a space designed to foster a sense of sacred community. Connect, share, and experience the collective energy that arises when we honor our shared humanity.

Cacao Ceremony: Allow the heart-opening properties of Cacao to guide you towards a deeper understanding of your divine essence.

Guided Meditation: Experience a guided meditation designed to help you attune to the energies of the Full Moon in Virgo. Connect with the celestial vibrations and find inner balance as you navigate the intersection of the human and divine within.

Practices to Calm the Nervous System: Learn practical techniques to soothe and calm your nervous system. As we navigate the complexities of our human experience, these practices aim to bring tranquility and serenity to both body and mind.

Journaling: Engage in reflective journaling exercises to delve into your thoughts, emotions, and insights. Capture the essence of your journey and gain clarity on the profound connection between your earthly existence and divine potential.

Tarot and Oracle: Explore the mystical realms of Tarot and Oracle readings. Gain insights and guidance as you navigate the energies surrounding your human experience.

Astrology: Discover how the alignment of celestial bodies may impact your journey towards embracing the divine within.

Come join us for an evening of profound self-discovery and communal celebration as we embrace the Full Moon in Virgo, stepping boldly into our divine human experience. Together, let’s honor the magic that exists at the intersection of heaven and earth, human and divine.

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