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Sequencing Magic (Immersion Workshop)

If we consider creating and designing a yoga class as an artistic endeavor, as I do, then we have many rich and interesting ways to craft a unique experience for our students. We all bring our own habits and intentions, whether we follow a predetermined script or just fly by the seat of our pants when teaching a yoga class or guiding our students through a yoga practice.

Over time, we can sometimes lose inspiration or fall back into old patterns and stale rituals if we are not careful. It is easy to get stuck because the familiar is always easier than trying something new and getting out of our comfort zone. There is always the risk that any new ideas or changes will not be well-received, or it may feel really awkward and uncomfortable to teach in a different way. I believe that the risk is worth the reward because it gives us an opportunity to create something new and different that could transform the way your students learn and practice yoga. It is not so much about reinventing yoga but more about offering a different lens or approach to your students so that they can connect to these poses and this practice with more awareness and insight.

Can you approach designing a yoga sequence with the same care and detail that you would a sculpture or any work of art?

Art is choosing to do something skillfully, caring about the details, bringing all of yourself to make the finest work you can. It is beyond ego, vanity, self-glorification, and the need for approval. — Rick Rubin

“In terms of priority, inspiration comes first. You come next. The audience comes last.” — Rick Rubin

“The ability to look deeply is the root of creativity. To see past the ordinary and mundane and get to what might be otherwise invisible.” — Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act: A way of Being.

In this immersion, we will go over some of the tried and true ways of sequencing a yoga class, but we will also look at some of the new and creative ways you can draw inspiration from the world around you to design and channel some truly unique classes and poses linked. This is where the magic comes in for me as we look at the so-called “rules” of sequencing and upend the apple cart to plug and play with these pieces to create our own set of rules or guidelines that are not rigid or set in stone. Rules can be limiting for some and freeing for others…there is no right or wrong way, there is just your way.

Let’s discover your way of magical sequencing so you can explore the limitless possibilities of your own creativity.

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