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Yoga Classes

Learn. Heal. Grow.

Our mission is to make practicing yoga more accessible, attainable and approachable for all ages, bodies and abilities. No matter what your level of skill or wellness goals, Waynesville Yoga Center has something for everyone. Not sure where you belong? We’re happy to point you in the right direction:

If you have mobility issues and/or cannot get up and down from the floor, any L:1 class should be safe + accessible. If you attend L:1/2 or higher, you should be comfortable getting up from and down to the floor – and comfortable moving in and out of downdog.

Not sure what downdog means? Or still unsure about which class is right for you? See our New to Yoga page for guidance…

Class Descriptions

L = level >> L: 1 = beginners >> L: 1/2 = beginner – intermediate >> L: 2/3 = intermediate – advanced
PLEASE NOTE: classes with an asterisk* next to the name are specialty classes and substitutes may not be available, should the regular teacher need a sub

Aromatherapy Slow Flow

Integrate pure essential oils with slow, mindful flow yoga to strengthen your body while reducing stress for your mind.

Barre + Flow

Our signature blend of barre + flow yoga integrates the best of ballet sculpting with yoga toning and stretching

Barre Above®*

Fusing the best of Pilates, yoga, aerobics, and strengthening dance exercises, Barre Above™ utilizes isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles), combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements.  

This delivers a results-driven workout that is not only fun and dynamic, but will sculpt your body and get you into absolutely amazing shape.

Beginners Flow

This gentle vinyasa flow class is perfect for those who have done yoga in the past and want to ease back into practice. If you’re not familiar with yoga, we suggest you start with Yoga Basics first. If you try Beginners Flow and find it very accessible, check out one of our Level 2/3 flow classes


Breathwork is an active-meditation that encourages your physical body to relax and your thinking mind (aka…your conscious mind) to become still. This enables direct access to your subconscious. The subconscious space within each of us holds our old patterns, habits, and belief systems that are no longer supporting our highest good. You may recognize this in your own life as stress in your mind and body, sickness, grief, anger, sadness, etc… When we can bring awareness to this part of our being, via this somatic release practice, healing happens and we begin to feel lighter, clearer, and free.

Buti + Flow

Buti + Flow incorporates the soulful movement of Buti Yoga wound into a flow-style class without the cardio and some of the more advanced aspects of the practice.  This class is great for those who are intimidated by full-scope Buti or for those who love Buti but don’t want the cardio. Don’t worry, you will still sweat!

Buti Glow®*

Buti Glow is Buti Yoga under black lights with glow in the dark body paint and glow sticks! Let go of any inhibitions you may have and sweat with intention.

Buti Yoga® + Bubbles

Join your classmates and instructor after Buti Yoga for some adult beverages and get to know one another!

Buti Yoga®*

A soulful blend of yoga, cardio-intense movement, tribal dance, and deep abdominal toning. It models the way energy moves in nature with deep spiral engagement and empowers you to go beyond “working out” and truly move from within.

Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means a cure hidden beneath the surface and this practice encourages you to look within to find your power and own it. Intermediate to advanced, expect to sweat! 


DEEP is a Buti® trademarked low-impact movement sequence that enhances balance and connects mind to muscle. DEEP combines micro-movements with touch to connect the brain to innervated muscle and restructure the deep core.

Fascial Flow

Fascial flow is a vinyasa style class with mindful movement to loosen up and release chronic holding patterns throughout the body, including the fascial system.

Fascial release and Renew

Fascial Release + Renew is a level 1/2 practice, focused on releasing tension and opening up blockages in the connective tissue of your body. It’s a unique blend of restorative, yin, and traditional yoga poses with gentle, hands-on release techniques based on the John Barnes system of MFR release. It can be incredibly relaxing, and is a powerful tool in self treatment of chronic pain. MFR will also compliment and enhance your traditional yoga practice by opening fascial lines that may have you “stuck” in your current practice.

Flow + Align

Take your practice to the next level as you build strength, test endurance, and increase flexibility. Integrate your mind and body as you prep for more advanced postures through a multi-level flow comprised of standing poses, twists, bends, and arm balances, followed by a deep, restorative stretch and relaxation.

Flow + Ground

This practice moves with breath, gravity and surrender through each pose. It’s designed to gradually build toward higher energy flow sequence that pushes out what is stuck and stagnant then slowing gradually back down to a grounding calming static practice that centers and renews, then finishes with a brief meditation, bringing in a fresh and clearer perspective.

Flow + Sweat

Expect to sweat in this 75 minute vinyasa flow. Students should be very familiar with the basics of Yoga Flow as this class with challenge your balance and stamina.

Flow + Tone

Fast-paced vinyasa that connects breath to movement with the addition of using resistance bands and/or weight bar to isolate muscle groups. You will build heat and warmth in the body with a vinyasa flow while shifting to isotonic movements using the bands and/or the weighted bar. You always have the option to not use the bands and/or weighted bar and you will still get the isotonic movements by pure muscle engagement. The instructor will break down each pose for proper alignment. All levels are welcome.

Flow + Yin

This class blends a Vinyasa Flow with a Restorative Yin, building heat through an energizing flow and then grounding with deep stretches.

Our Warm Flow + Yin will have the thermostat turned up to help loosen your muscles- increasing flexibility and promoting weight loss. 

Flow with Intention

Set up your weekend for greatness in this Flow with Intention class with Amber K. At the beginning, we will ground with food for thought to encourage a deeper connection within your physical body and emotional energies. Then moving through a slow flow that incorporates full body attention this level 1/2 class will leave your mind feeling free and your body smiling as you step off your mat to take on the world or at least your weekend ahead! Amber offers many variations and helpful cues so all levels of practitioners feel safe and have accessibility. Beginners are welcome.

Fluid Unwind

Fluid Unwind is an invitation for students to deepen their connection to their breath and body through steady dynamic movements and deep stretches synchronized with the breath. This class provides time and space to reconnect, reset and restart. 

Gentle Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is gentle yoga that is excellent for those with balance and/or mobility issues. We may do some standing poses in addition to the chair, but don’t ever sit or lie on the floor. The focus is on maintaining freedom of movement and balance. While the class is not customized to students with osteoarthritis, the instructor will offer these modifications (ie, no twists, rounded forward folds, etc).

Gentle Yin

A slow-paced style of yoga that holds poses for longer periods of time (45 seconds to 2 minutes+) in order to access the connective tissue in addition to the muscles. Gentle Yin means there’s a nice warm-up at the beginning and we don’t do the uber long holds of some yin classes that can be painful.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a slow paced practice for those who want a soft and nurturing practice supported by props. This class is great for beginners or those who are looking for a relaxing stretch.

Hot Stone Restorative

A slow, gentle class that incorporates the use of heated stones in long, supported poses to help relax + renew. This class is for every level of student (even those who don’t practice yoga) or those recovering from an injury.

Iron Yoga

Iron Yoga is a challenging, intense full body workout utilizing dumbbells for upper body weight training exercises, while performing a series of power yoga poses for the core and lower body strength. You will use a four count breathing sequence for each pose.

Juice + Jams with Jake

Join Jake for this fun BYOB Friday evening event which will have you moving to a theme playlist or  band. Expect head-bobbing in addition to your asanas.


This is a gentle Kundalini class that focuses on awakening and balancing the root chakra; this energy is dormant and located at the base of the spine. In doing this Kriya and active meditation, we can let go of negativity, support mindfulness, boost awareness + stimulate whole body relaxation. 

Lit HIIT + Yoga

This class combines the heart pumping moves of HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) with the stretching of yoga. The first 40 minutes will include a variety of muscle building movements, such as plyometrics, sprints, or weights, and be conducted in circuit or group fitness style. We’ll also provide you with whatever modifications YOU need to get your optimal workout. This will be followed by 20 minutes of stabilizing and stretching the different muscle groups we used during the HIIT portion of class, to aid in recovery and repair.

Merge Flow

Merge Flow Yoga is a unique movement therapy that emphasizes making fluid connections within your fascial system. With Merge, you can train, heal or recover by identifying healthy movement patters that support your structural integrity. Think of these movements as a massage for your central nervous system- helping you establish balance within your fascia.

Mindful Slow Flow

A class designed to shift your mental state which is achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Choreographed yoga movements (w/pose variations) and breath work  to a calming music playlist. The speed/energy of the class is slow and grounding,  allowing you to be more authentically in your body, in the present moment. Each Sunday offers a new theme/concept of positive introspection to better influence the student/practitioners coming week.

Mixed Level Flow

This class offers options for a range of skill levels. Students should be familiar with the basics of Yoga Flow and be able to get up and down off the floor easily.

Power Core Yoga

This class is meant to get your heart rate-up and then challenge your core strength to help build muscle and increase your balance.

Private Group

Private classes are sessions tailored to your needs. They can be conducted 1-on-1 (private) or in a small group that shares a common goal (group).

To learn more about Private and group sessions, click here.

Contact us for details: 828.246.6570 –

Restorative + Yin

This class will consist of easeful stretching, accessing the connective tissue in addition to the muscles, and long posture holds. 

Restorative + Yoga Nidra

Grab your props and join Renee for restful, releasing, restorative practice followed by deep Yoga Nidra “yogic sleep” relaxation that is sure to rest the mind, regenerate the soul, and ready the body for a good night’s sleep.

Restorative Yoga + CBD Oil

Relax into gentle yoga postures held for 5 minutes or longer using bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets to support the body in this restorative yoga class. While engaged in easeful stretching, students will also have the opportunity to apply a topical therapeutic CBD product to relieve sore muscles and joints and aid in pain relief and inflammation.

CBD oil is known to decrease anxiety and relief depression, help with arthritis management, and aid in the management of Multiple Sclerosis.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a basic flow yoga class, in which movement is linked to the breath in a active series of yoga postures. There may be deeper stretches after warming up, but most of the class will be moving from one pose to the next. You should be familiar with the basics of vinyasa flow, such as moving from updog to down dog and back to standing. For those not familiar with these movements – or wanting a step down – please check out Beginners Flow.

Somatic Healing

Step away from our overstimulated world and learn to downshift your body and mind to a more balanced, relaxed state of being with Somatics. In this class you’ll learn slow, gentle, relaxing self-care movements that are suitable for all ages and bodies. Discover how to release muscle tension, improve posture, increase range of motion, prevent/rehab injuries, and improve your mood without stretching, forcing or overthinking it.

Strength + Stability

Focusing too much on our strength and leaving out mobility makes for a restricted, tight body, but focusing TOO much on our mobility without strength makes for an unstable, weak body. 

A well-balanced body is a combination of strength and mobility that will feel its best. This class will add to your yoga practice by building strength in your hips, core, shoulders, back, and chest, as well as working on joint mobility. 

Yoga for Back Care

This is a gentle, level 1/2 class that will stretch and strengthen the muscles of your core, increasing support for your entire body.Learn simple techniques to build back health for life – while decreasing pain and increasing mobility.

Yoga for Beginners

Perfect for those brand-new to yoga: this is a 101 class for those wanting to learn (or re-learn) proper yoga form. This small class will be slow paced with personalized attention from the instructor, who will also offer modifications particular to your body’s needs. This class is also helpful to determine what style of yoga or class that’s best suited for you.


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