With Kristin Jackson CCSE, CPT

What is Somatics?

Somatics addresses how your brain controls your muscles to move your bones. It’s a proactive method to create quick, positive changes in your body and mind, that you learn to do for yourself. 
What can it help?
  • Back pain
  • Knee, hip and foot pain
  • Shoulders and neck pain
  • Pelvic floor disorders
  • GERD and digestive issues
  • Posture and mobility
  • Improve mood and outlook 
  • Sleep patterns
  • Improve how you do your yoga, sport and daily activities 

Who can benefit from Somatics?

Well, everyone, since everyone has a brain and a body! 
You may be an ideal candidate for somatic training if 
  • you’ve “tried everything” for your aches and pains, but haven’t tried Somatics, yet!
  • you want to take your yoga practice to a whole new level
  • you are proactive about your health and wellness
  • you love to learn new aspects about yourself 
  • you want to live a calmer life in a chaotic world

Examples of how Somatics Can Help

The Yoga and Bodywork Collective

Hands-on Somatics sessions provide clients with greater neuro-sensory feedback, resulting in quicker results for recovery.
The client actually participates in the session, vs passive, non-learning bodywork therapies.

The Yoga and Bodywork Collective
Before and after an online private lesson.  Notice how the client is more symmetrical along the midline after her session.
The Yoga and Bodywork Collective

This client presented with cervical dystonia. Her neck had been frozen in rotation for 17 years. These photos are of the client before and after her first hands-on session. She only required another session. Post sessions she continued to practice her home self-care somatics routine to help rewire her muscle memory.

The Yoga and Bodywork Collective

Group Somatics lessons are taught while students are lying on the floor, seated in a chair and/or standing.


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