Who We Are

Our Mission

At Yoga and Bodywork Collective, our mission is to empower individuals to embrace holistic well-being, prioritize self-care, and nurture their mind/body to have a positive impact in the world. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer yoga and bodywork practices using a warm and welcoming approach for individuals to support self-care for mind, body, and spirit.

Our Value

To foster a strong and supportive community of healthy and happy individuals who, through their own wellness journeys, inspire and encourage others to create positive impacts in the world. 

Our Purpose

To support and encourage individuals to prioritize self-care, leading to healthier lives and a positive impact on the world.

Jay's Journey to Yoga

When it comes to movement and wellness, yoga is my first love! I was recovering from a back injury in my early 20s, and my physical therapist gave me a long list of things I could no longer do. It was a shock. I walked out of that session and decided to find a way to move better and feel better so I could have the quality of life I wanted. (No disrespect to physical therapists; most of them do amazing work!) That’s how I found myself in my first yoga class, filled with fear and trepidation. I fell hard and fast for yoga, leaving that class feeling two inches taller, mentally and physically lighter, and full of hope. Despite a few breaks for having kids, I’ve remained faithful to my regular yoga practice for about 35 years.

In my 40s, I started working with weights and Tabata training and found that it complimented my yoga classes so well that I felt stronger and more mobile. The balance of stability and flexibility put me in the best shape of my life. Peri-menopause started to reshape my body and wellness in my late 40s, a shift I was not prepared for in any way.

In my 50s, menopause hit with the speed and weight of a freight train. I had multiple injuries during this time that were frustrating and challenging to navigate. I had to rethink all of my movement practices and turn toward more healing modalities like Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques, massage, and Ayurveda to reconnect with my body, mind, and spirit in a new way. There was a lot of friction and resistance to this change for me, but my yoga and bodywork practices reminded me that I could and should adapt to these changes with graceful surrender and acceptance. I started doing more Barre classes for stability around my now mobile joints (it turns out menopause and loss of estrogen and other hormones can cause all kinds of changes in our bodies) and listened to my body more, striking a better balance between movement and recovery. I now get regular massages and spend more time on restoration and rest.

Each of us is unique, so we must design our movement and bodywork practices according to our individual needs and be flexible enough to adapt as those needs change over time. If you’re at a place in life where you’re moving through changes and you’re looking for support, our knowledgeable instructors and professionals can support you in this journey as you practice self-care to move better and feel better. We maintain our cars, houses, and yards, so why not put at least that much effort, if not more, into our bodies, minds, and spirits? We can’t trade them in for a newer, better model when they start to break down. We can help you keep your health and wellness thriving for your highest and best quality of life.

If you’re looking to start YOUR journey with yoga, let us guide you. If you’re expanding on your journey, let us support you. And if you’re looking for community- welcome :).

Jay at The Yoga and Bodywork Collective located in Waynesville, North Carolina


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